He Was On 60 Minutes To Harm The President’: Mark Levin Slams Fauci As A Political ‘Foil’

Conservative radio host Mark Levin slammed White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci for “trashing” President Trump and politicizing the coronavirus response.

“Why is Anthony Fauci on 60 Minutes a little over two weeks before a general election?” Levin asked his audience Monday evening, criticizing a recent interview Fauci gave on CBS. “He says he doesn’t want to be political … why is he on 60 Minutes before the election, trashing the president and his rallies, basically saying, ‘Yeah, he kinda knew he was going to get the virus.’”

“Why is Fauci on 60 Minutes?” Levin asked. “He was on 60 Minutes to harm the president.”

“Anthony Fauci is a liberal,” Levin continued. “Anthony Fauci loved Hillary Clinton, and I want you to remember something with the swine flu, the H1N1 flu, which was handled in a disastrous way, according to Joe Biden’s own chief of staff. Anthony Fauci held the exact same position in government as he holds today.”

“Far more people got the swine flu than got the coronavirus, and can you imagine if the swine flu was as deadly as the coronavirus, Mr. Producer?” Levin added.

Levin argued that the United States would be dealing with “hundreds of thousands of more deaths” if the H1N1 flu had been as deadly as the coronavirus. He also lamented that Fauci never has to answer “tough questions” about his handling of that outbreak because he’s a “foil to use against the president.”

Levin stated that Joe Biden would shut down the economy if Fauci asked him to, despite “all the other” “maladies” and “physical, mental, and life disasters” that occur as a result.

Fauci was also criticized by Trump this week, who called the doctor a “disaster” but also referred to him as a “terrific guy.”

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘He was on 60 Minutes to harm the president’: Mark Levin slams Fauci as a political ‘foil’

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